What we do

GBD collaborators and members of the Italian GBD Initiative are engaged in:

  • Deepening knowledge of GBD methods;
  • Participating in courses, workshops and webinars, both as teachers and learners;
  • Contributing to the revision of GBD estimates and articles based on the analysis of these;
  • verifying the sources used to generate the estimates, and identifying the best data sources available from Italy;
  • Facilitating access to Italian data for generating GBD estimates;
  • Becoming familiar with the visualization and extraction tools for GBD estimates;
  • Developing scientific articles based on GBD estimates;
  • Involving policy makers at the national and regional levels.

Members of the Italian GBD Initiative must be registered as GBD Collaborators, adhere to the goals of the network (What is the Italian GBD Initiative) and take the free online course for Collaborators, Introduction to the GBD (Training and workshops).

The GBD call for collaborators is always open on the IHME website: Call for Collaborators.

Those interested in joining the Italian GBD Initiative, or who would like more information, can contact us using the Contact format.


Scientific research


Revision of estimates and articles


Courses, workshops, webinars